An urban placemaking project focused on sustainability, architecture, food and art

Design and production of the Brunkebergstorg 2014 project. The process involved all aspects of the three month long urban intervention project including temporary master plan, five temporary art installations, the planning of a foodtruck-park and two temporary pavilions.

In the summer of 2014 the hidden square Brunkebergstorg in the centre of Stockholm city was temporarily transformed from an architectural void into an urban oasis.

The project was initiated by the City of Stockholm as a learning by doing lab for sustainable urban development.

The architecture provided intriguing spatial designs and innovations inviting people to explore the public space, new use of material and new social interactions.

The ambition was to create exciting architectural pavilions based on a circular approach to materials.

TEAM> Designed at Guringo Designstudio. 

CLIENT> Stockholm municipality & Stockholm Konst (art dpt).

Erik Lindvall & Alexander Wolfe